Holiday Marketing: Our Top 3 Tailored-Marketing Tips

Holiday Marketing: Our Top 3 Tailored-Marketing Tips


Valentine’s Day, New Years, Easter, and more! No matter the celebration these tailored holiday marketing strategies will ensure your business is in a profitable position when designing your marketing plan.


Do you find yourself scrambling to find new and successful ways to market your products/services to a particular holiday?


There are around 11 designated paid holidays in Canada alone, every year. Many more if your marketing plan crosses borders. Of what may appear to be a small number, these dates creep up on your calendar when you least expect it. Here at Comm2pO, we recognize the importance of cultivating a tailored marketing plan no matter the occasion. Here are our tips on how you can create a tailored marketing plan designated towards any specific holiday.


#1: Cultivate A Plan of Action


It is crucial to be prepared at least two months before the date your promotional campaign is available to your clients. We recommend beginning with a thorough analysis of previous campaigns and the monitoring of consumer behaviour and attitudes through Google Analytics. What posts generated the most retweets? Which theme of pictures worked more favourably in accumulating likes? This will give you a baseline understanding of your business’ strength in the holiday marketing arena. There is always something to gain from a promotional campaign no matter how minor. Our team of professionals here at Comm2po uses the latest technologies to monitor the actions of your clientele and provide you with a personalized report on the statistical analyses of these findings as well as tailored marketing solutions to foster attention and consumer engagement with your promotional holiday campaigns.





#2: Get Your Business Into The Holiday Spirit


The holidays are a time of festivities and change in routine. Take note of popular trends and evaluate the ways in which you can incorporate these trends to your advertising campaign. It is vital to be open to change and adapt your brand image to a more festive theme. An upcoming holiday is the perfect time for a change! Comm2pO can provide your business with just that. We recommend a change window displays, Instagram photo themes, newsletter page design and more. A change in webpage will create a warm, inviting, and spirited feel to your business.






#3: Make Sure Your Business Stands Out!


The holidays are a busy time of the year. Our team of strategic social media professionals will help ensure your business stands out. We use referencing to optimize the exposure of your webpage and ensure your campaigns receive optimal traffic and awareness. In the event of an upcoming holiday, online shoppers are keen for new and exciting offers during their purchasing endeavours. This is a perfect time to introduce special offers such as; discounts, free shipping, and rewards programs to generate more traffic to your webpage and reward your existing loyal clientele.



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