Content Marketing

A winning content strategy

Your content is your voice, and it allows you to
communicate with internet users.

Comm2pO provides you with its expertise in content creation and management in order to attract more clients on your web platforms.

Your content is your DNA

We help you attract visitors toward your web platforms and convert them into regular customers. The main objective is to develop brand awareness and to bring the customers closer to your brand through your website, your blog, and your social media.

Audit of the existing contents

The conception of text content and images for your web platforms

Monitoring, tracking and analytics

Setting an editorial line and creating a web publications schedule

Copywriting of informative articles and/or fun (in French and English)

Publish informative content to notify your clients on your offers

Publish entertaining content
increase your popularity and
your client base

Attract visitors on your web platforms and convert them into regular clients

Develop your reputation and
engage the users in a relationship
with your brand

•     SMO: increase your website’s ranking through social networks
•     Media placements: promote your offers on social networks
•     Contests: Contests and sweepstakes through social networks
•     Newsletters: Monthly newsletters promoting your products or service