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Web design

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We will find you more easily

Discover our SEO services!

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Branding services

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Lots of digital agencies will tell you that they’re “all in” when it

comes to your digital strategy. We don’t gamble.


We help you get noticed through strategic digital marketing so that

you can focus on your core business operations. Comm2pO helps

you reach customers who are ready to take action so that you can

concentrate on growing your business.


How? let us show you.

First, through tailored services

Web design

Comm2pO provides you with its expertise in web development to design or redesign your website to help you attract more visitors and convert them into regular clients.

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Web Referencing

With our expertise in SEO and SEM, we help you increase the visibility of your website on the internet by improving your ranking in the result page of search engines.

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Social Media Management

Comm2pO offers to manage your social media accounts and to feed them regularly with unique content in order to boost your online presence.

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Content marketing

Comm2pO provides your with its expertise in branded content to and create articles and pictures for your website, your blog, and your social media.

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Tailored Marketing

Comm2pO helps you implement contests, newsletters, and automatic emails with the objective of reinforcing the unique relationship between you and your clients.

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Media placement

We help you increase your visibility and promise you the best advertising placements to reach your target market and to propel your business development.

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Then, through our values

Our customers value the benefits of working along with Comm2pO

EXPERIENCE: Our professional and passionate team is specialized in website creation and web content. In the past seven years we have developed a particular expertise in managing web projects, website creation as well as the development of internet content.

RESOURCES: Comm2pO uses a dynamic strategy in terms of human resources and skill set management system. In addition to our regular staff of 6, we have access to a comprehensive database of professionals covering all types of experiences and skills. This model allows us to tackle the toughest challenges very efficiently.

HIGH END SERVICE: Each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager. This person works closely with you and with the team in charge of production. We want to ensure our service meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Our Beliefs:

  • Encouraging Canadian entrepreneurs to position themselves on the web and on social media;
  • Ensuring the needs of our customers are met by;
  • Offering professional, flexible services with a team that is resourceful, creative and available;
  • Providing the services of a large agency at a competitive price.