How to improve your SEO ranking with 3 Simple Strategies

How to improve your SEO ranking with 3 Simple Strategies

With social sharing being more predominant than ever, Google uses robots that track your website’s data to see how many links come in and out of your website! Bonus points if they have the same keywords in the linkback to the landing page it sends you to. Here are 3 linkback tips to help your business increase its SEO ranking for free:

  1. Linkback Strategy: Build a relationship with local web pages and social bloggers and send links to both pages.
    linkback strategy
  2. Social Sharing: Find your social sharing strengths and improve on your weakness. Look at your analytics pages at least once a week to find out which shares created the most engagement! What topics, videos, or relevant information really stuck a lasting impression on your audience? There are so many social sharing platforms that we can focus your strategy on what has the best conversion sharing
  3. Track the Robots: Google has been using Robots or Spiders that track your websites’ content. This is one of the tools they use to see how relevant your digital marketing content is.For example: If Susie runs a local Ottawa or Montreal Beauty Salon, Google will be coming to her website to check the local Ottawa / Montreal website has relevant beauty products and hair services.We would use a Googlebot Fetch algorithm to see how Susie’s website is doing and when it’s being tracked.Google crawlers

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