How To Grow Your Social Media Presence

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more! No matter the platform, growing your brand’s social media following and navigating the social media landscape has never been easier with these top tips!


Has your business’ follower count been at a plateau? Have you struggled with finding new and inventive ways to boost your following?


If you answered yes to both questions, then you have indeed come to the right place. Here at Comm2pO, we believe that having a prosperous social media presence for the image of your brand is the KEY to better developing the reputation and the opportunities of greater recognition for your business. Here is just how you can grow your social media following this year with our top tips!


Tip #1: Identify Your Target Audience


In order to grow your social media following, it is crucial to identify and understand the audience that you plan to reach – your target audience. Pinpointing who these clients are can be achievable through reports and statistical analyses of your business pages. Our team of professionals here at Comm2pO can help guide your business through analyzing your consumer behaviour tendencies and outline a social media strategy plan suited specifically for your branding needs. The best way to make the most out of your consumer analysis is to ask yourself these three questions related to client profiling. These include:


  1. What is the demographics of your current client base? (age, gender, geographical location, etc.)
  2. What is the buying behaviour of your target audience? (Which social platform do they use more than the other? Which brand pages peak their interests regularly?)
  3. Which posts generate the most traffic? (take note of which posts your client base prefers to view on their timeline)


Tip #2: Produce The Right Content


Once you have an accurate depiction of your target clientele, it is important to publish the right content to attract your target audience. Understanding the consumer profile of your target audience will help you inquire what their interests are and what content they are sure to love. At Comm2pO, we believe that “your content is your voice” our team understands the importance of good quality content that is of high value. In order for a post to succeed, it must mean something special to the user. We use social media management to curate unique and top-notch content for your brand as well as manage posts and comments efficiently through posting calendars. Our knowledge of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) will help publicize your products and services by placing your business advertisements on the popular search engines of your target audience. In order to ensure that you’re posting the right content, take note of these key factors in content creation. These include:


  1. Using social media advertisements to your advantage (increase website traffic by targeting clientele through advertisements, garner a competitive edge through search engine ranking)
  2. Publish content that is both informative and entertaining (incorporate humour, distinctive graphic designs, make content educational and of value to your followers)
  3. Turn the new clients into regular clients by heightening brand awareness through branded text content and images that informs visitors on special offers.


Tip #3: Engage! Engage! Engage!


Although being consistent with a social media posting schedule is crucial, it is highly important to constantly engage with your clients via social media. Building long lasting and genuine relationships with your followers establishes a connection that can grow and prosper for many years to come. Being a reputable brand that reaches out and is available to answer the questions and concerns of their clientele is a brand people want to follow. Here at Comm2pO, consumer engagement plays a large role in our social media management services. We believe in establishing a community within your brand’s following, where the clients’ needs are always being met and served. There are a variety of ways to boost consumer engagement. These include:


  1. Publishing interactive content that allows your following to share their ideas and opinions (include a question in your captions, ask for feedback regarding certain events, services, etc.)
  2. Make your social media platforms a memorable experience for your clientele (create newsletters with interactive elements such as; quizzes and videos, adapt web themes to various special occasions, etc.)
  3. Be active in responding to followers in a timely manner (ensure comments, questions, concerns, etc. are replied to as soon as possible)


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