All you need to know about Christmas Marketing

All you need to know about Christmas Marketing

We all know that winter is coming soon and you all know what that means: The holiday season is near!

Will you be ready for the most anticipated holiday of the year?

There are a plenty of brands that started their holiday promotions early, but that doesn’t mean you’re too late. We can help you market for the holiday season to reach your sales goals and beyond! Here are some tips on how you can promote your holiday products successfully:

Know what you want!

Decorated Christmas tree. Bright decorations for the New Year. Christmas decoration. Gold balls, red berries and ribbons, cones decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas decoration. Background for New Year's greetings.

You should know what you want to promote, who you are promoting to, and be in touch with the hottest holiday trends. Figure out what products are the highest in demand before you launch your campaigns, and create them around these trends. For example, ugly Christmas sweaters are the most demanded holiday items lately, therefore they’re the most marketed ones. Having this information will give you a head start in your campaign, and will give you time to think about how you want to market your holiday services. Once you figure that out, you can start creating your content such as blogs, Facebook posts and ads, email campaigns, etc… that are centered around your products or services you want to promote. We can help you launch your campaigns as soon as possible, since the chaos of the holiday season strikes faster than you think.

Take a look back at the previous season’s campaigns…

You should look back and analyze which marketing campaigns were the most successful for you in the previous years, allowing you to focus your budget on those. You should also see when your sales peaked and on which holiday in particular. You should remember that the holiday season has more holidays than Christmas, such as Black Friday, Boxing Day, Cyber Monday, etc. Cyber Monday’s importance is rising, in this digital era of new technologies, with the increase of online conversations.

Speaking of online conversations, something important to remember is to clean out your email list to clear up unnecessary and unused content, to give you a better view of your successful campaigns. When the holiday season approaches, inboxes get flooded with promotional emails from many brands, some of them even tend to start to email their client lists daily, irritating the client. You should consider sending meaningful promotions with catchy subject lines that will capture your client’s attention at the same time.   

Make your products holiday themed!

christmas theme

The offers and products you make should be holiday themed obviously, which can motivate people to use your holiday services. Holiday-themed services or products will flourish your business, as it is the most wonderful time of the year.

The priority for clients in the holiday season is to start looking for gifts for their loved ones. However, they often run out of ideas as it can be stressful, so creating gift lists per categories will be ideal to attract clients to your services. We can help launch your gift lists to the right audiences by promoting your content through blog posts, landing pages and Facebook ads.

When the holiday season comes around, clients are ready to start purchasing, and our services can ensure that that they choose you.

Are you ready to start preparing for your holiday marketing? We can help you right away! Contact Us to learn more about holiday marketing!  


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