A Guide to responding to Negative Reviews

A Guide to responding to Negative Reviews

We know that it can be disappointing to see negative feedback on something you dedicated your time and effort to. It is so tempting to immediately delete any negative feedback you receive and pretend it never existed. However, it doesn’t have to be all that bad! There are ways to ensure that the negative feedback does not damage your business. Here’s how!

Engage in Dialogue

The way you handle online negative feedback is an essential part of running your business, and your reputation. If the negative review is from a real client, you should consider communicating with them about the issue, one on one. Usually, a client that is not satisfied writes a negative review on websites to let out some steam. Acknowledging the issue and trying to resolve it will help the client calm down, and possibly win back their loyalty again. Make sure your response is written in a professional way in a calm tone, being attentive at the same time. Make sure your customer feels heard and acknowledged. Answering them in a defensive tone gives an impression that you’re unprofessional,  potentially ruining your company’s reputation.

Remember that negative feedback can sometimes be a blessing in disguise!

Depending on what the negative review is, you can take it as constructive criticism to see what you need to improve for the future. The client took time out of their day to review your company, so this means that they care. Sometimes, these reviews can be filled with emotion, such as “worst company ever.” This makes it difficult to figure out what the actual problem was. In these cases, it’s better to directly ask the client politely what the issue was. This way, you can understand the problem and take corrective measures to solve it.

Clients always believe their complaint is valid when they post it, and expect a response. So, it’s important to acknowledge them and solve the issue as soon as possible. Remember, you can potentially turn them into loyal customers if you handle it well!  

Don’t React.

It’s normal to have the urges of immediately become defensive of your company when you see negative comments. But, no matter how unfair the response is, handle the situation in a professional manner. Even if you’re talking to them privately, your response will be a reflection of your company, holding your reputation.

Timing matters!

It can be tempting to respond immediately when you get negative messages. Rushing to respond right away can be risky. You should wait a little while to calm yourself down and to come up with an appropriate response. Although you shouldn’t respond right away, the response should still be timely enough to satisfy the client.

Remember to show appreciation in your response!

Negative feedback can benefit your company, as they make you aware of the issues in your company and prevent them from repeating in the future. It is better to know about it sooner than later and tackle it right away. Also, letting clients know you appreciate their feedback can give your company a positive reputation, and possibly attract more clients when they see that you handled it well.  

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