The New Age of Messenger Bots

The New Age of Messenger Bots

In the new progressing age of technology and growth of Facebook advertising, emerged a new digital transformation, called the messenger bot.

This new service is an incredibly fast-growing platform for instant communication, enhancing your business and improving the customer’s experience, through instantaneous interaction.

Messenger bots are new innovative ways to directly communicate with clients through a business’ websites, without the hassle of taking extra steps to contact the business, such as looking for their email or other contact information.

They are instantaneous, where one can ask questions about the business directly through the business’ website, and where one can build personalized customer relationships in an instant.

This new service also allows a business to grow exponentially, as it increases its shareability amongst users, and can be more engaging to the audience.

In addition to this, one can deal with complex interactions through messenger bots and can allow businesses to deliver the high functionality of their brands. Facebook now has around 100,000 active bots involved in business websites to interact with customers, with delivering the value of their business at the same time. It can be a great way of portraying one’s customer service abilities through interacting instantly with them and help attract a larger audience through showing the service delivered.

What can one expect from Messenger Bots:


  • Growth in customer service: Once one has a messenger bot included on the business page, one will receive instantaneous communication from the client, and it will auto-subscribe the clients to the bot list. It would be essential to develop a strategy to portray your messenger bot campaigns precisely for customer service inquiries.
  • Keeping up with the learning curve: As this service is fairly new, customers will naturally have a learning curve, where they will try to understand this feature and how the bot works. Not everyone is familiar with this yet, so they will attempt to download the messenger bots in other ways or get confused as to how to use it. So because of this, one should help them with any misunderstandings, and come up with a strategy on how to inform clients on how to use the messenger bot.
  • Do your research: Get together with your team to create your own values for your messenger bot to help deliver the concept of your business effectively to the client, and keep it consistent.  


Digital Transformation Ottawa

Digital Transformation Ottawa

How Messenger Bots can improve your business:

Bots have become a very effective tool for helping one grow their business, become more direct and personal when interacting with clients. They are increasing sales attractions amongst clients, along with sharing valuable information and delivering the business’ values with it. This innovation also allows more personal discussions with clients, hence helping build more meaningful relationships with them since one can get an idea of how to respond to or meet their needs. According to a Nielsen Study from facebook, there had been a report of 63% of business owners saying that there has been a rise of instant messaging in the past few years, with more positive results from interactions with customers, along with their purchases. This will also help one to get a better understanding of who their customers are, along with what their needs are, hence helping one address their inquiries more effectively.  You can get very familiar with who your target audience is, and what they look for, hence you can generate sales through the messenger app easily and instantaneously.