Instagram Direct’s Self-Destruct Feature

Instagram Direct’s Self-Destruct Feature

Does Instagram Direct’s Self-Destruct Feature Make Snapchat Irrelevant?


What is it?

Instagram Direct Update

Instagram Direct’s latest feature lets users send videos and images that disappear after 1 view.

This latest update gives more choice and control to the app’s users and will most likely attract and tempt people into sharing intimate content through Instagram Direct just as they would on Snapchat.


Before the Update:


All messages could be replayed temporarily but would eventually disappear at a later time.


How to use Instagram Direct Self-Destruct Feature:

How to use Instagram DIrect

1-Go to Instagram Direct

2- Open the camera on Instagram Direct

3-Take a picture or record a video

4-tap “view once”


Note that you can also choose to make your content replayable or permanently be kept in the conversation instead of selecting the “view once” option.


It’s that Easy!


Whats the difference between Instagram Direct’s new feature and Snapchat?

System software update, data update or synchronize with progress bar on the screen. Vector Illustration

There isn’t a huge amount of complexity added in these new features, but the biggest difference here when comparing to Snapchat is that users can now decide whether or not the content you share with others using direct messages can self-destruct after one view, can be replayed or permanently stays in the chat.


Above all, Instagram is changing the game by giving people more choice and control over the privacy of the content they share in their conversations.


Do you think this move is enough of a blow to Snapchat? Will it be enough to convert those who religiously use Snapchat into Instagram users? Comment Below and Let Us Know What You Think!


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