Fun things to do in Wakefield this Winter

Fun things to do in Wakefield this Winter

It’s already snowing in Canada!

Although some of us usually dread winter, it doesn’t have to be all that bad since it opens the door to enjoy winter activities! One of the most anticipated activities are skiing and snowboarding. With all the snow that’s on the way, we are ready to hit the slopes! The village of Wakefield offers you a warm welcome, with a variety of services, along with a vast range of outdoor activities. The most important one is Ski Vorlage!

Ski Vorlage is a kid-friendly and ideal ski hill for families, with fantastic conditions and quality services, only 20 minutes from Ottawa. Rated 3rd best thing to do in Wakefield on TripAdvisor, planning a holiday to Ski Vorlage is guaranteed to be the highlight of your winter! They’ve also started to make their snow, giving you a head start on your journey.

Whether you are a beginner, or if it’s your first time skiing outside of your hometown, a destination ski vacation to Ski Vorlage truly is a unique experience which you will remember for a lifetime. With the help of our services, Ski Vorlage is now a widely recognized destination, with successful sales to ensure that your trip is enjoyable.

Take Charge!

Before you go, take charge of your plan and do your research, especially if it’s a destination ski trip. Destination ski trips will involve accommodations and coordination, so in this case, it should be planned at least a month out to give you enough time to avoid the hassles of prepaid rooms. Ski Vorlage offers the ideal accommodations for your comfort, one of them being The Wakefield Bed and Breakfast is just down the street from Ski Vorlage, that won “The Best B&B in the Region.” You can find more information on the accommodations here.

Check the Weather and Gear

Ski Vorlage already started making their snow and will open soon. They have the weather forecast on their website, keeping track of the patterns and snow conditions. Although their snow conditions are ideal, and you should check the weather the day before, and the day of. Temperatures between -1 and -6 degrees Celsius are the ideal weather conditions for skiing since it is warm enough to be out skiing but cold enough so the snow doesn’t melt. With that being said, be prepared for the cold just in case by bringing extra gear, such as thermals that will protect you. Ski Vorlage has an ideal boutique to meet your winter needs. They offer mitts, pullovers, hand warmers, ski goggles and much more to keep your warm and comfortable. An important thing to remember is that what you put on your body will largely determine how enjoyable your experience will be. A common mistake people often make is to disregard ski goggles, and wear sunglasses instead. Ski goggles protect your eyes from wind, snow and harmful UV rays while clearing your vision to see the mountain properly. If you forget any of this, don’t worry because they’ve got you covered!

Before you head to the mountain, make sure you sort out your extras, such as equipment rentals and booking your lessons if needed. Ski Vorlage offers a wide range of lessons in their snow school, which include programs for children, families and adults along with holiday camps. With over 140 instructors, they got you covered for skiing and boarding! We love the fact that they have programs for all ages, to develop your technique and abilities from experts.

With this being said, you should also save and print the important documents, such as your tickets as soon as you’ve finished booking. We know that it is the worst feeling in the world to finally arrive at the mountain and forget your tickets. Ski Vorlage offers great deals for season passes, special offers and day passes. Their rental shop also provides complete ski or snowboarding equipment, including helmets to meet your skiing essentials.
Now that we’ve got all that covered, what are you waiting for? Get booking now to have the best experience to highlight your winter!

Have Fun!


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