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KeTo Life


The Client

Keto Life’s mission is to help people lose weight, balance hormones and have a happy and healthy lifestyle by following a Ketogenic diet. They offer various programs and recipes to start your Keto journey.

The Brief

Ann Kouimtzis from Keto Life, wanted a well designed and responsive website to increase her web presence. She also wanted search engine optimization (SEO) and tracking work to have a higher placement in search engine results. Keto Life also needed a social media strategy to gain visibility, and generate more leads.

Actions taken by Comm2pO

Created a responsive website
On-page Search engine optimization (SEO)
Development of a Social media Strategy






Web Design

Social Media Management

Note: As the content of websites are managed by the customer after delivery of the project, it is possible that the quality of images or texts do not meet Comm2pO’s criteria as planned during the launch of the website.